AyuSynk 2Pro(lite)

Digital Stethoscope for telemedicine and clinical applications

Equipped with 100 Ayu Real-Time screening / Day to monitor patients at any time from anywhere in the world (Live)

Features and Specifications:
  • Up To 60x Audio Enhancement
  • Playback Speed Up To 0.25X
  • Record And Share Anytime Anywhere
  • In-App And In-Device Noise Cancellation
  • In-App And In-Device Heart & Lungs Filter
  • Report Generation
  • Sound Visualization
  • SDK Support For Integration
  • 100 Real – Time screening/day



What's inside the box

  • 1 AyuSynk 2Pro(lite) device with chest-piece
  • 1 Binaural
  • 2 Connectors
  • 1 Charger
  • 1 USB – Type B micro USB
  • 1 Bluetooth earphone 

AyuSynk 2Pro(lite) is a Digital Stethoscope for Telemedicine possessing all the expert features of AyuSynk 2+. We can connect it to a mobile or tab with Bluetooth and a PC/laptop with a dongle. It has an additional option of SDK support, which is compact and consists of every functionality featured in the AyuShare app. AyuSynk SDK can integrate the AyuSynk device into any existing Android/ios/web applications.

Real-time transfer of auscultations allows  AyuSynk 2Pro(lite) to function as a Remote Stethoscope for Telemedicine. The Live Transmission feature in AyuSynk 2pro(lite) is beneficial for telemedicine as it enables doctors and specialists to perform the screening of the patient without being physically present.  1-year free Ayu Real-time software access is another unique feature offered with this, making it the Best Stethoscope for Telemedicine.

This Visual-aided Digital Stethoscope provides doctors and other medical professionals visual graph on the AyuShare app of the sound waves picked up when placed on the patient’s chest.

Use Cases of AyuSynk 2Pro(lite) stethoscope for Telehealth

  • High-quality audio: AyuSynk provides up to 60x audio enhancement, ensuring healthcare providers get the best sound quality. 
  • Noise cancellation: In-App & In-Device noise cancellation in heart  & lung filters ensure that AyuSynk reduces background noise to provide a better diagnostic experience. 
  • Bluetooth connectivity: AyuSynk 2Pro(lite) can be easily connected to a mobile or tab via Bluetooth and laptop/Pc through a dongle and allows recording, sharing, visualisation of sound, report generation and real-time sound transmission.
  • Compatibility with telemedicine software: Ayu Devices integration services ensure maximum compatibility with your existing telemedicine system. AyuSynk SDK is used to develop a custom application or to integrate the AyuSynk device into any existing Android/ios/web applications.
  • Durable, Dependable and portable: AyuSynk 2Pro(lite) has been deployed in various remote locations through telemedicine firms. It‘s easy to use and thrives in resource-constrained environments.
  • Multi-use: AyuSynk is a Wireless Bluetooth Stethoscope aiding in the hassle-free use of a stethoscope for patient screening in different work scenarios of doctors and in telemedicine.

Why Choose Ayu Devices AyuSynk 2Pro(lite) for Telehealth / Telemedicine?

  • AyuSynk 2Pro(lite) provides advanced technology integrated with AI to improve the diagnostic experience.
  • It provides a Phonocardiogram for the visualisation of auscultation sounds when connected to a smartphone or Tab & laptop or PC via Bluetooth. 
  • It is tried and tested in the Indian healthcare system and is deployed to many remote areas of the country by the government and Telemedicine companies
  • AyuSynk 2Pro(lite) is a stethoscope with volume control that helps doctors working in a chaotic environment to increase the volume and listen. Murmurs and crackles can be heard more efficiently with audio clarity. So it is trusted by many doctors as the Best Stethoscope for Telemedicine.

Ayu Devices is opening a novel pathway in telemedicine in India- “to improve access to healthcare in remote areas, increase the efficiency of healthcare systems and reduce healthcare costs while improving patient outcomes”.

Get AyuSynk 2Pro(lite) and benefit from Ayu Realtime- ‘auscultate in real-time from anywhere and, any time around the globe’.

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