AyuSynk 2+

Wireless Digital Stethoscope

Bluetooth Digital stethoscope specially crafted for the use of doctors. Equipped with in-device heart and lung filters with noise cancellation and volume control

Features and Specifications:
  • Up To 60x Audio Enhancement
  • Playback Speed Up To 0.25X
  • Record And Share Anytime Anywhere
  • In-App And In-Device Noise Cancellation
  • In-App And In-Device Heart & Lungs Filter
  • Report Generation
  • Sound Visualization

Original price was: ₹18,000.00.Current price is: ₹15,500.00.


What's inside the box

  • 1 AyuSynk 2+ device with chest piece
  • 1 Binaural
  • 2 Connectors
  • 1 Charger
  • 1 USB – Type B micro USB
  • Wired earphone 

AyuSynk 2+ is an Affordable Indigenous Wireless Digital Stethoscope with all the features of AyuLynk and has additional features of In-Device noise cancellation and In-Device heart and lung filter. We can connect it to a mobile or Tab with Bluetooth, making it the Best Digital Stethoscope

AyuSynk Digital Stethoscope has advanced heart & lung sound filters and the denoise algorithm, which provides clear heart and lung auscultation sounds. This proved beneficiary for doctors throughout the pandemic. It ensures doctor-patient distancing, which is essential considering the frequency of health workers’ exposure to infectious diseases.

AyuSynk 2+ Bluetooth-enabled Stethoscope can amplify body sounds to binaural or Earphones. 60x enhanced sound makes it easier to listen to and diagnose auscultated sounds.

AyuSynk 2+ stethoscopes for medical students

The IIT Bombay developed technology that helps medical students to identify and experience auscultation sounds much easier than the traditional stethoscope. Due to advanced features and ease of use, Digital Stethoscopes for Medical Students are becoming increasingly popular. AyuSynk 2+ stethoscopes give access to the following features 

  • 60x amplification of sound: amplified sound helps the students understand different auscultation sounds better.
  • Noise cancellation and heart & lung filters: In-App, In-Device noise cancellation and heart & lung filters, filter out background noise, providing medical students with clear auscultation sounds.
  • Free Record and Share: With AyuSynk, medical students /residents /doctors can record auscultated sounds for future reference and share them with their professors/friends/specialists for better diagnosis.
  • Playback feature:  The playback feature helps in reducing the speed of the auscultated sounds for learning purposes, pediatric purposes and a better understanding of the recorded auscultated sound. 
  • Visualisation: AyuSynk allow to visualise auscultation sounds Via AyuShare app. The Phonocardiogram along with the integration of Ai helps in the easy identification of s1, s2, systole and diastole.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: AyuSynk digital stethoscopes are Bluetooth- enabled stethoscopes that can connect to a smartphone or tab which helps in maintaining doctor-patient distancing in case of serious infection.

Hearing Aid-Supported Digital Stethoscope

The AyuSynk 2+ is an eminent digital stethoscope that is compatible with a wide range of hearing aids. This Hearing Aid Compatible Digital Stethoscope is instrumental for doctors who have hearing difficulties due to specific medical conditions or age factors. 

With an Electronic Stethoscope for the Hearing Impaired, doctors can listen to heart and lung sounds with great clarity, facilitating more accurate diagnoses. Since auscultation is a crucial part of patient screening.

Why Choose AyuSynk 2+ Wireless Digital Stethoscope?

  • AyuSynk2+ Bluetooth Enabled Digital Stethoscope lets you connect directly to your binaural or earphones, allowing you to auscultate seamlessly.
  • AyuSynk is trusted by doctors.  The advanced DSP Chipset increases objectification, acoustic excellence and performance. 
  • Abnormal sounds of the heart and lungs can be easily diagnosed with the help of a phonocardiogram that provides a detailed visual representation of auscultated sounds when connected to a phone or tab. AyuSynk is the best Phonocardiogram-enabled Digital Stethoscope one can possess.

AyuSynk 2+ is a recommended tool for medical students/ professors/hearing-impaired medical professionals who want to improve their ability to diagnose and save patients’ lives. It is a must-have for any medical professional who works in fields that demand early diagnosis.

Get AyuSynk 2+,  amplify, analyse and share auscultations coupled with added features of denoise, heart and lung filters and ace the diagnosis!

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