India's first indigenous wireless digital stethoscope with live streaming

Enabling Real-Time Auscultation for Heart and Lungs

AyuSynk, The ultimate choice for telemedicine integration. Our Digital Stethoscope offers a flawless experience for seamless integration with any existing telemedicine platform. Our exceptional technical team delivers seamless API and SDK solutions, ensuring compatibility and a remarkable user experience. Elevate patient screening effortlessly with our cutting-edge technology. Unleash the future of Telemedicine with AyuSynk!

Amplified stethoscope

Sound amplification up to 60x

This allows the health professionals to listen to heart and lung sounds with increase sense of ease

Record and Share heart & Lung Sounds

Recording and sharing of sounds

Sharing of sounds over WhatsApp and emails allows the professionals in the remote areas to get a proper diagnosis from experience counterparts elsewhere

Contactless Stethoscope

Bluetooth connectivity

Allows for the professionals to listen to auscultations sounds by going wireless

Visual aided Stethoscope

Visualizing sounds

After pairing with a smartphone, becomes capable of detecting abnormalities in the Cardiac Sounds of Patients

Live Streaming

remote auscultation

1- tap live streaming for listening to sounds live from anywhere

Guided auscultation

Guide auscultation with position charts for seamless communication

Denoise clutter

Apply Denoise filters for cardiac and lung sounds

Tele Health

Ease of Integration

AyuSynk, The Advanced Digital Stethoscope with Real-time Auscultation is a game changer for Telemedicine. The device paved the way for doctors to diagnose and assess heart and lung conditions by providing a seamless transfer of auscultation sounds across the globe. Enhanced sound and specific filters for the heart and lungs with noise cancellation give a whole new experience to auscultating. The Ayushare app enables doctors to visualize and analyze cardiac indicators such as S1, S2, systole, and diastole providing an unparalleled level of objectivity to diagnosis. Embrace the future of medical technology with Ayu Synk, where real-time auscultation meets telemedicine, ensuring enhanced patient care and propelling into a new era.

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