cost-effective stethoscope


A cost-effective telemedicine diagnostic screening device with sound enhancement up to 40x and adjustable volume control

  • Record, Replay and Share
  • Upto 40x audio enhancement
  • Playback speed upto 0.25X
  • In-App noise cancellation


Bluetooth Digital stethoscope specially crafted for the use of doctors. Equipped with in-device heart and lung filters with noise cancellation and volume control

  • All features of AyuLynk
  • Bluetooth- enabled
  • In-Device and In-App noise cancellation
  • In-Device and In-App Heart and Lung filter


Wireless Bluetooth Stethosopce for telemedicine and clinical applications. Equipped with Ayu Real-Time to monitor patients at any time from anywhere in the world (Live)

  • All features of AyuSynk 2+
  • Real-time transmission of sound
  • SDK support
  • 1 year Ayu Real-time software access


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wired Digital Stethoscope?

A wired Digital Stethoscope doesn’t have a Bluetooth feature in it and is connected to other devices through an OTG cable for the AyuShare app. AyuLynk provides 40x Amplification.

What is a wireless Digital Stethoscope?

A wireless Digital Stethoscope is a Bluetooth-enabled electronic stethoscope that can be connected to a mobile or tab. AyuSynk 2+ provides 40X audio enhancement, In-device filters for the heart & lungs, and noise cancellation.

What is a Realtime Enabled Stethoscope?

The AyuSynk 2Pro, a Real-time enabled stethoscope can be connected to AyuShare app with Bluetooth through a smartphone or a tab.  Which enables the transmission of auscultated sound across the globe via the Internet.

What is AyuShare?

AyuShare is an application developed by Ayu Devices that can be downloaded from the Google Play store or App Store. The App helps in the seamless connectivity of the Digital stethoscope to a mobile or a Tab.

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