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Shaping the future, one medical device at a time

This bluetooth stethoscope not only lets doctors get digitised readings but also share the same with other practitioners far away. AYU device, a first-of-its-kind bluetooth stethoscope, is one of the inventions that helped doctors during the Covid-19 pandemic amid concerns about maintaining social distance. This also helped patients get access to expert doctors from a different part of the state or country.

IIT Bombay start-up Ayu Devices supplies smart stethoscopes amid COVID-19 pandemic

The device allows storing auscultated sound as part of health record of patient and sharing with other doctors for confirmatory opinion. Many patients diagnosed with Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) experience shortness of breath, leading to acute respiratory distress syndrome. Doctors use stethoscope to listen to chest sounds such as wheezing and crackles that appear with the progress of the disease.

Engineers Invent Low-Cost Digital Stethoscope For Better Village Healthcare!

The digital stethoscope is being commercialised by the startup Ayu Devices, with over 60 orders for the device, the startup is also focusing on bringing it to rural India. At the 2015 Medical Device Innovation Conclave (MEDIC) organised by IIT Bombay, two engineers and a doctor came together to solve a conventional problem in the medical device field. The problem of the stethoscope.

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