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15,000/-  12,500/-
18,000/-  15,500/-

AyuSynk Digital Stethoscope For Enhanced Auscultation

The wireless stethoscope comes with features that help in objectified Diagnosis. The best screening device with up to 60x amplification, denoise, In-device heart & lung filter, and in-app sound visualisation that allows recording & sharing data, Identifying S1, S2, Systole and Diastole, generating reports and real-time transmission of auscultation sounds making it the Ideal choice for healthcare hero’s.

Experience a New way to listen to Body Sounds with AyuSynk.

40X Amplification

Listen Louder
Upto 60X Higher

Real - Time

Listen To Sounds And
Transmit In Real Time

Share Auscultation sounds

Record And Share
Anytime Anywhere

Dedicated Respiratory filter

Dedicated Filters For
Heart & Lungs

Bluetooth Enabled

Connect Via

Visulaise auscultation

Generate s1, s2,
Systole & Diastole

Why choose AyuSynk for Digital Stethoscope?

Phonocardiogram Analysis
Live Phonocardiogram for 
analysing various
components of the cardiac
Record and Share Auscultation sounds
Unified Sharing and Recording 
in Ayu Dashboard 
eco system
Heart & Lung filter
Dedicated Filters
of heart  and lungs for cardiology
assessment and pulmonology
AyuSynk Technology
Technology Trusted  AyuSynk 
has an advanced DSP Chipset 
that increases precision, acoustic
excellence and performance
Live Streaming
Web Streaming
consultations from anywhere
Guide Auscultated Recording
Guided Recording
for recording cardiac sounds
from 4 locations and lung
sounds from 16 locations
AyuSynk - Easy Connect
One Tap Connectivity
for AyuSynk with your
smartphone using Bluetooth
AyuSynk Empowering Rural health
Tried and Tested for helping 
remote places in India to 
move towards the goal of
 “better  & accessible healthcare”

How it works?

Connect AyuSynk To
Your Smartphone Via The
AyuShare App
Ayu Share App
Connect Your Smartphone
To Wired Earphones or
Wireless Bluetooth Headset
Hands free Auscultation
Auscultate And Listen To
Heart/Lung Sounds
Via Earphones/Headset

How is AyuSynk revolutionising rural healthcare with Bluetooth Stethoscopes?

Resource constrained environment

Through our medical innovation, we aim to assist in managing the delayed diagnosis of heart and lung issues in rural areas with minimal medical facilities. By attaching our module, we can convert an existing stethoscope into a Bluetooth Enabled Digital Stethoscope.

It also provides added benefits to rural patients:

  • Treatment in rural clinics with expert care. 
  • Early diagnosis and reduced travel costs help in saving overall treatment costs.
  • Better lifestyle and healthcare
  • Home monitoring for the geriatric and chronically ill.
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AyuSynk the game changer for Telemedicine

AyuSynk - Telemedicine

AyuSynk 2Pro the Remote Digital Stethoscope can provide live transmission of auscultation sounds globally in real time making healthcare easy and accessible to all. Global Telemedicine is one sector where the market is booming and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 24% by 2030.

AyuSynk 2Pro play’s a vital role in screening patients and it’s proven to be an essential part of analysing patients from remote areas.  With the help of AyuSynk 2Pro along with telemedicine companies and doctors more people will be scanned throughout India which will help in early diagnosis and reduce the overall economic burden due to late diagnosis in the remote area making India a country more accessible to healthcare.

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AyuSynk's clientele so far


Dr.Chandan Saha Speech Therapist, Kolkata

AyuSynk has solved a major hurdle in my practice, stethoscope use for hearing impaired medical practitioners. My patients use hearing aids or cochlear implants. Some of them are medical student, medical practitioner or nurse. They are happy to use AyuSynk stethoscope. AyuSynk are not only cheaper than the imported Bluetooth stethoscopes, they are much better as we can record, share and replay the sounds. This is very important for people with hearing impairment. Beat part is the prompt and efficient customer services and technical support team. I am very proud of this 'made in India' gadget that is undoubtedly a better alternative to products from global giants like 3M and Littmann

Dr. Somesh Mehotra Critical Care Physician, Uttar Pradesh

It's so hard to believe that AyuSynk is an Indian product, the first model made examining COVID patients possible, and the stethoscope came even before littman and at a miniscule of the cost best part is the professionalism with which the team responds to queries and complaint, my instrument was upgraded free of cost when charging had an issue the AyuSynk is a sign that India has come if age

Dr. Venkataraman Srivatsan Anesthesiologist, Chennai

Dear sir I have purchased anesthesiologist AyuSynk and used it. I am an aged 76 years old wearing hearing aids. Excellent product to use for hearing impaired directly as stethoscope or with over the ear headphone either with Ayu cable or Bluetooth. But very difficult to hear with the wired ear buds which comes with the instrument even for a person with normal hearing, with mobile particularly with OnePlus Nord. But can be heard with the wired buds in the tablet or pad. Is there a solution for this issue. Thanks a lot. You can confidently promote for hearing impaired person. kudos to you engineers.

Dr. Pranay Bandgar Mumbai

Hi I am Dr.Pranay Bandgar M.D (Medicine), currently working as Assistant Professor in GGMC and Sir J J Group of hospitals, Mumbai. I've been using AyuSynk Stethoscope almost since last 2.5- 3 years. Currently I am using AyuSynk 2. The software as well as Hardware is excellently upgraded. I am very much happy with the product's quality and cost at which it is being provided. It's not only excellent for MBBS/AYUSH students for understanding heart and lung sounds from the basics but also for all practicing doctors.

Dr. Arun Mahale Pune

AyuSynk with Ayushare App is a tubeless medical device for auscultation. It is an useful equipment making auscultation possible without using ear pieces of stethoscope. This enables auscultation to be done from safe distance in situations where it is necessary. Features of amplify the sound, recording ( both sound and graphical) and creating a report are wonderful. For young doctors who are comfortable with newer technology it can be an asset.

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Frequently asked questions

Does the Digital Stethoscope have Artificial Intelligence?

Digital Stethoscopes have an integrated artificial intelligence (AI) system that can provide visuals with s1, s2, systole and diastole that helps in objectifying the auscultation.

Does the best Wireless Stethoscope work with Android and iOS?

Stethoscopes use Bluetooth to pair with smartphones and tablets through the App that is available on iOS and Android. The Best Wireless Stethoscope is equipped with user-friendly features for medical professionals.

How easy is a Wireless Digital Stethoscope to use?

Wireless Digital Stethoscopes utilise Bluetooth technology which enables clinicians to evaluate patients maintaining a distance. Clinicians wearing isolation gowns or face shields can auscultate using a wireless stethoscope.

Can I share auscultation sounds?

The auscultation sounds can be sent from remote peripheral locations to any medical advisors across the globe in Real-Time. This 21st Century Digital Stethoscope bridges the gap between patients from remote areas and specialists.


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