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AyuSynk 21st century's digital stethoscope.

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Wireless Digital stethoscope

AyuSynk 2+

Bluetooth Digital stethoscope specially crafted for the use of doctors. Equipped with in-device heart and lung filters with noise cancellation and volume control

  • Record, Replay and Share
  • Upto 40x audio enhancement
  • Playback speed upto 0.25X
  • Bluetooth- enabled
  • In-Device and In-App noise cancellation
  • In-Device and In-App Heart and Lung filter


Digital Stethoscope for Telemedicine

AyuSynk 2Pro

Wireless Bluetooth Stethosopce for telemedicine and clinical applications. Equipped with Ayu Real-Time to monitor patients at any time from anywhere in the world (Live)

  • All features of AyuSynk 2+
  • Real-time transmission of sound
  • SDK support
  • 1 year Ayu Real-time software access


Discover how we can revolutionize your experience!

40X Amplification

40x Audio


Visulaise auscultation



Share Auscultation sounds

Record And Share


Noise cancellation

In Device

Noise Cancellation

Generate record reports



Playback Speed


Speed 0.5x

Change the filters

Double Tap

To Change Filters

Real - Time

Real Time Auscultation


Watch the following video to understand our device

Deal sealed with sharks!

The Ayu Device Stethoscope caught the attention of the investors on Shark Tank . We sealed the deal as judges were thoroughly impressed with the innovative features and cutting-edge technology of our stethoscope, recognizing its potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry.

AyuTeam - with Sharks
Contactless Stethoscope

Frequently asked questions

Does the Digital Stethoscope have Artificial Intelligence?

Digital Stethoscopes have an integrated artificial intelligence (AI) system that can provide visuals with s1, s2, systole and diastole that helps in objectifying the auscultation.

Does the best Wireless Stethoscope work with Android and iOS?

Stethoscopes use Bluetooth to pair with smartphones and tablets through the App that is available on iOS and Android. The Best Wireless Stethoscope is equipped with user-friendly features for medical professionals.

How easy is a Wireless Digital Stethoscope to use?

Wireless Digital Stethoscopes utilise Bluetooth technology which enables clinicians to evaluate patients maintaining a distance. Clinicians wearing isolation gowns or face shields can auscultate using a wireless stethoscope.

Can I share auscultation sounds?

The auscultation sounds can be sent from remote peripheral locations to any medical advisors across the globe in Real-Time. This 21st Century Digital Stethoscope bridges the gap between patients from remote areas and specialists.

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